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Louis Tomlinson wearing suits? More like punch me in the stomach 8 times. Here’s the thing. Sometimes Louis wears suits and it does things to me. That’s the whole thing. Here are some of my favourites (mostly Brits 2013 tbh). This will be a shambles because I can’t think when he...
homestuck My art feferi peixes remember when i used to put effort into my art nope me neither
MY EDIT Robert Sheehan the mortal instruments Jace Wayland jamie campbell bower simon lewis tmiedit i know this has been probably made thousand times (i don't have time to go through everything under tmi tag to check) but i need these two bickering put into one gifset (since jacexalec's banter has beed reduced to practically nonexistent at least they did these two the justice and eugh please be in everything and bicker all the time so remember when i was reading the books first time and these two were bickering on almost every page and i thought to myself wow what a giant surprise it would be if main heroine had this lanky neurotic babbling best friend and this heroine meets misterious guy all leather and gold hair and badass skills and there are gazes and banter and constant battle of wits and tension and OOOH PLOT TWIST it turns out that it's not about this guy having hots for the heroine BUT FOR HER BEST FRIEND? it's not that i'm invested in shipping these two but oh you know me i'm a sucker for male banter since forever (i'm that cheap and that easy oopsie) and all the possibilities of tunrning it into all pining romance is forever on my christmas and general list
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dangan ronpa makoto naegi kiyotaka ishimaru mondo oowada ishimondo fukizoku stuff by trees aktmile i had it in my mind to put that comic left to right. i drew it right to left anyway. fuckin crisis inference is burned into my mind i tried to @mention you but it just didn't. it just /didn't/.
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mine omg katniss everdeen Peeta Mellark Catching Fire Mockingjay MY BABIES thgedit everlark mygraphics [1] otp of all otp's cfedit don't touch me my sweet puppy omg why did I make this I miss everlark sobs
only REAL tumblr users remember...
mishapocolypsethat one time they changed the color by 3 shadesthe cole sprouse nightmarethe mario kart meme flappy bird memephotoshopping surprised patrick into everythingjennifer lawrence EVERYWHEREdogemitt romney only REAL 90s kids remember bee moviedo you love the colors of the sky??I GIVE YOU A ...
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* edits* The Hour Freddie Lyon Bel Rowley hour* thehouredit yeah that's it you are possible remember when freddie was such an ass i forgot to put otp tag
tony stark type: GIFs & ironmanedit film: iron man tonystarkedit aouedit universe: mcu original: mcu original: gifs tony stark defense squad type: commentary text: meta film: age of ultron re: tony
my current mentality is “im sad and i hate myself but i have to get good grades”
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Hey Ya
Obadiah Parker 
Remember when Naya tweeted a picture of her and Heather saying “Fate has laid a ...
queue Bradley James season 5 colin morgan *~ 5x13 merlinedit m**gifs m**stuffs merlin and arthur tv shows: merlin m**gifs: merlin i actually had this in my drafts for a few days now but in light of the 5x13 commentary it now needed the text REMEMBER THAT TIME ARTHUR DIED IN MERLIN'S ARMS?! :')))))
3 parks and recreation ben wyatt REMEMBER THAT ANON THAT WANTED ME TO GIF BEN OH MY GOD HERE YOU GO FINALLY this could have been put into one gif but why do that when photosets!!!!1!!1!
* by me star wars The Empire Strikes Back here we are sw edit swedit starwarsedit m: star wars i was bored watching the movie with my sister and this commentary came from my mouth and she laughed and told me to make it into a gifset so
1k my edits 2k Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner monkeys am really? TINY MAN blacktreaccle so remember when i said that i didn't know what to put in the adjectives wELL HERE'S THE RESULT my x's look terrible lololol 2012's hair looks weird too