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No matter which path you choose, it’s normal to have a lingering attachment to the paths you didn’t choose. That’s why the...
EMERGENCY. Please reply if you can.
My friend is in dire need of a safe, trans* friendly reproductive health clinic in the Sacramento area. This is an emergency, a literal matter of life or death. [Trigger Warning] This person has been a victim of sexual, physical, and mental abuse. They cannot go to a hospital.
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Trying to start a RP reply
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Why it takes me long to reply.
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If I ever miss a reply...
It’s because one of the following happened: I feel asleep. I was on another account. I’m blind as a bat and didn’t see it. I’m thinking on how to reply. It will never be because: I don’t like you. I’m ignoring you. I’m not interested. Sometimes I just need a...
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Reblog this if it's okay to remind you to reply to an RP.
Please remind me, I often get lost and such, I just want to know if it’s okay with others so that I do not feel like a burden on you all.
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