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gifs request free! Gou Matsuoka Matsuoka Gou Free! Gifs IM SORRY IM TOO LATE OMG i hope you likeit gou chan is so cute omg
Key shinee shygif keygif this is just so entertaining i swear
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1k Key onew shinee q jonghyun taemin minho editss requested by zibums sorry for late and i hope  like it
Key onew shinee jonghyun taemin minho g6 mcountdown this is how key sometimes turns me into lockets ^^
gifs dbsk changmin Key shinee kibum key** edit:dbsk this is cute af what are they laughing at i wanna know
This is why I love SHINee
Onew JongHyun Key MinHo TaeMin My boys are so fabulous <3
?this blog is abt to be shinee af
Key shinee my Such a cutie my key wonderdul days 130212
:) leeteuk f(x) super junior dbsk tvxq request snsd exo yunho EXO-K EXO-M onew shinee taeyeon Victoria fx Trax girls' generation jay Kris mine:gif1 suho i love jay's eyes
1k doctor who request David Tennant mine 5 ten Tenth Doctor dwedit dwplus dtedit rtdedit ten in a nutshell: various emotions EMOTIONS EMOTIOOOOOOOOONS i meant for this to have 8 gifs but then i couldnt really stop myself it was impossible 60% of this set is so angsty im sorry- my boo i want to hug him sometimes and whisper 'im so sorry' iM SO RRYYYYYY
Key onew shinee jonghyun taemin minho g6 guerilla date this is too long TT but yeah thank onew for saving shinee ^^
*** Key shinee s* kibum wgm global this kind of... is.... er....
gifs Key shinee life ruiner making CAN U NOT DO THIS ;_; his face is so fucking flawless i cant
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Key shinee giffies gif:key shineeofd seeing key nervous is a first the failed high five XD okay byes!
gif my gifs mine s3 request txf 500 gillian anderson syzygy The X Files Dana Scully x files 3x13 ugh sorry these are so bad the lighting in this scene is horrible
1k request anonymous edit real friends dead real friends band i don't even listen to this band but this song is great
mygifs queue exo tao Key shinee this is just...T^T my bias and your bias Andrea....lookie~