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In Australian English, every response can be preceded by 'yeah'.
“yeah alright” “yeah it’s pretty good ay” “yeah maybe” “yeah nah” “yeah fuck off” “yeah why not?” “yeah but what?” “yeah”
pictures tweets ferguson response hands up walk out
usopp Drawn Response askmrprince ... /cough
Sorachi's response to gintama's new anime season
"First you guys forced me to draw a conclusion (the movie) for the anime, now you guys are shamelessly telling me there’s going to be a new season…Really?! However, I’m fine with it as long as the anime will help me sell more volumes. Looking forward to the anime~"
kawaii thoughts this is just my response to this..... just don't ask this...
orlando jones I did not expect a response
When I fuck up in a roleplay or a response to an ask.
the l word Jennifer Beals Bette Porter round of applause for this response
My response to the Supreme Court overturning DOMA and Prop 8
Today is a historic day for civil rights in America. By declaring DOMA unconstitutional, the Supreme Court has stated that the U.S. Government can no longer deny federal benefits to same sex couples.  This means that people like my uncles, who have been in a committed relationship for over 20 years,...
inspired by Animal Crossing, I’ve started doing this thing where I mail my best friends a framed picture of myself and then never speak to them again
Celebs Lorde inevitable response yes i know i have seen a diamond now
  • anti-sj guy:wears a clown suit while making fart sounds
  • everyone:lmao
  • anti-sj guy:what's wrong? did I TRIGGER someone? >:)
person: who’s your favorite disney princess? me: *points to self*
My response to anything
anon 6t9u douches