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The Legend of Korra fandom Right now:
Danisnotonfire talks caring too much about other people̵...
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I just read that Angels don’t see people’s face, they see their souls. So when Cas finds Dean in Season 9, he’ll see his real face for the first time. 
if you can’t apply the song Fix You to your otp it’s not really an otp
sailor moon right in the feels just capped this cos
  • Teen Wolf:Hey I just met you
  • Teen Wolf:and this is crazy
  • Teen Wolf:but I'm going to hold your sanity ransom in exchange for a weekly assault on your emotional stability in the form of a 1 hour TV show about werewolves.
  • Teen Wolf:So fuck you and your feelings.
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Headcanon that after the battle of Hogwarts, George dyes his hair an outrageous colour, and at first Molly is mad, but then she hears George whisper “I kept thinking it was him in the mirror”. 
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