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Someone just pointed out to me how Anne Frank and Martin Luther King JR. were both born,in the same year, but most people associate them as being in complete different points in history.
mine 1000plus Sarah Michelle Gellar freddie Prinze jr I saw this interview and felt the need to make a photoset about it
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* robert pattinson ellen degeneres *pattinson ugh this is blegh but it's giving me so much life will never NOT be funny
my gifs ellen degeneres Harry Connick Jr i served him froyo a lot he's a really sweet guy
mygifs robert downey jr rdj you're awesome i love this man very important rdjedit marvelcastedit collectiveproject
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I love comparing the Avengers actors twitter bios because on the one hand, there’s Mark: And then you have RDJ:
When not to sing Let It Go…
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