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rose quartz pearl amethyst SU garnet steven universe story for steven why is it so easy to make fun of pearl sorry i had to put it right on amythyst's face but she's there
“Ruby and Sapphire are just sisters”“The show would be much better without Steven”“Pearl clearly just saw Rose as a leader and not as a crush”“Amethyst is more a boring background character”
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art Fanart rose gems Steven rose quartz pearl amethyst artists on tumblr swords SU do it for her for her garnet steven universe sword fighting crystal gems pink diamond Greg Universe su art su theory su headcanons diamond authority Steven Universe headcanon I implore you to look at the details because i spent several all-nighters on this. TAG WITH EVERYTHING
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 I’m sorry but I just love their fusion dances.
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steven universe veloce draws poop pearl (su) rose (SU) havent drawn su in a while still lovin it tho while dying simultaniously i didnt make rose tall enough fml kind of afraid of the fandom at the moment but ill slip this in and scurry off
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rose quartz steven universe Greg Universe steven universe spoilers garnet amethyst and pearl Connie Maheswaran mehreel cinnamintcherry i am out to ruin your days my friends also credit to the bg artists of the show i used the great panning shot from garnet's universe also NOOOOOOOO
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My art rose quartz pearl amethyst garnet steven universe peridot
Pearl totallyonly loves StevenBecause he he has Rose Quartz’s gem.Why would shecare about himor comfort himFor any other reason?She can’t possibly love himas a completely separate being from Roseand definitely not as a son.Nope. Not at all.