• rose •
blunt bud flower rose
moon flowers umbrella rose Lantern crow Owl tattoo moon tattoo crow tattoo leg tattoo knee tattoo
draw tattoos inked tattoo skull ink tattooed Sketch rose roses angel ftw inkedboy boyswithtattoos misguidedngl shockmansion
* doctor who David Tennant Billie Piper Rose Tyler 10th doctor au
homestuck John Egbert Rose Lalonde jaspers Ellinor's art johnrose grimdorks my jokes usually sound better in my head oh welp
Marc Jacobs watch rose gold marc jacobs watch lauragoodall
love mine Personal heart the kids crystals quartz rose quartz amethyst healing chakras twin flames twin flame worry stone
doctor who mine Rose Tyler nine gwnstacy
doctor who amy pond Donna Noble Rose Tyler river song Martha Jones my edit2 oswin oswald
submission tattoos
1k doctor who David Tennant Billie Piper mine 7 my gifs 3 atonement for my last post perhaps? :') LOOK AT THEM GO
1k doctor who Rose Tyler Tenth Doctor doctor x rose mine 7 my gifs 3 otp: burning up a sun just to say goodbye i had no fewer than 5 emotional breakdowns whilst making this and listening to doomsday theme probably didn't help AT ALL lololololol
flower pastel rose pale
my gifs doctor who amy pond karen gillan Arthur Darvill Rory Williams Catherine Tate Billie Piper Donna Noble Rose Tyler Alex Kingston river song Martha Jones Freema Agyeman Time Travel period clothing period costumes
aw little Dave doesn’t know how to draw smuppets. he can draw dicks though..it’s kinda the same no? i bet it’s practically canon that the first thing Dave ever drew was a dick. and Bro was probably so proud he had to go secretly cry in the bathroom for a few minutes anyway, i alwa...
John Egbert Rose Lalonde Grimdark johnrose grimdorks
titanic rose jack
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