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do you read HP as health points, hit points, heart points or something else? write your answer in the tags, i’m genuinely curious
gif gaming gifs book rpg kickstarter Dungeons and Dragons Siz
pathfinder d&d rpgs humble bundle Pathfinder RPG paizo
RPG boss gets pissed at the player skipping his dialogue
When the bard uses intimidate
Illustration fantasy rpg original
  • You:What's your favorite video game genre?
  • Me:Character creation screen.
fan art papyrus 3d animation low poly frisk 3d modelling sans undertale toriel Napstablook flowey undertale spoilers 3D texturing alphys undyne
birbys art gravity falls dipper pines mabel pines stanford pines stanley pines ddamd
kpop post korean youngjae Mark gifs:1k mark tuan got7 gifs:got7 got7 mark choi youngjae got7 youngjae markjae got7editorsnet bc i dont have anymore rpgs to play bc i finished them all wow
"If I have learned anything from RPGs, it's that the world ending events will wait for me."
- player re: taking the scenic route
When you critical fail on your stealth check
When you win a fight with one health level left
Final Fantasy mario rpg Peach princess peach fire emblem super smash bros ssb war cleric
gaming album Documentary earthbound zine kickstarter fangamer Handbook you are now earthbound the bad dudes
comic dragon age dragon age 2 anders hawke such fashion champions and heroes Ugly armor weird armor stats fashion abomination much pain
manga dragonball dragon quest Akira Toriyama Chrono Trigger Dr. Slump
rpg rolling dice dnd Natural 20
Fiasco pathfinder Dungeons & Dragons Shadowrun tabletop rpg dungeon world legend of the five rings GURPS savage worlds Fate Core Two Cows
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