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do you read HP as health points, hit points, heart points or something else? write your answer in the tags, i’m genuinely curious
RPG boss gets pissed at the player skipping his dialogue
When the bard uses intimidate
rpg rolling dice dnd Natural 20
  • You:What's your favorite video game genre?
  • Me:Character creation screen.
gif gaming gifs book rpg kickstarter Dungeons and Dragons Siz
masterpost rpg maker yume nikki fangame game development RPG Maker XP RPG Maker VX Ace devhelp dev help
fan art papyrus 3d animation low poly frisk 3d modelling sans undertale toriel Napstablook flowey undertale spoilers 3D texturing alphys undyne
If I can pick it up, I need it.
comic rpg comics jobs classes long post week 44 aceofstars part one because this got too long rpg team
manga dragonball dragon quest Akira Toriyama Chrono Trigger Dr. Slump
gaming humor rpg magic the gathering dice Dungeons and Dragons mtg realm
birbys art gravity falls dipper pines mabel pines stanford pines stanley pines ddamd
gaming comics bara Tentacle Monster We're still alive aceofstars week 36
My art Fanart snk shingeki no kyojin attack on titan Armin Arlert I was trying to cheer myself up so I drew this I wish I was doing exactly what he's doing haha
"If I have learned anything from RPGs, it's that the world ending events will wait for me."
- player re: taking the scenic route
When you win a fight with one health level left
Skyrim kingdom hearts world of warcraft dragon age mass effect Final Fantasy X fallout 3 fable 3 deus ex valkyria chronicles The Witcher 2 diablo 2 maaann so many sub categories in this one but used mostly action role playing ones and just rpgs *gen
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