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Do not stay in a retail store or restaurant past closing time. I mean unless you’re just finishing up paying and it’s like 5 mins after. It’s rude. I know the people who work there say, “oh no it’s ok”. They’re lying. It’s not ok they just have to say ...
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Harry Styles ** rude
rude vixx taekwoon
humastuck au eridan and feferi are driving together, a song comes on the radio feferi gasps and says excitedly, “eridan, listen! its our song!” song is taylor swift’s “we are never ever getting back together”
i told my dad his chicken was dry and tasteless and he said it was made out of my humor
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this annoying girl just told to my friend that she should wear makeup all the time because she doesn’t looks pretty without it and i answered back saying well my dear you don’t look pretty either way so sit down
One Direction edit rude
people talking bad about ur favorite character in front of u
idk u lil bitch why dont u tell me why dont u tell me
Jensen is more of a tender, nimbler kisser while Jared just goes for the tonsils.
I don’t care who you are, I don’t care how many followers you have, I don’t care what your gender is, I don’t care what you identify as, I don’t care if your family is dead, I don’t care if you’re dying, YOU DO NOT SEND HATE AND YOU MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT THR...
123 This makes me sick 1Dorlando rude rude rude rude ALSO THE CAPTION IS MESSED UP BC I COULDNT SEE WHAT I WAS WRITING RIP
i really hate when people say ‘no homo’ like excuse you get back here and give me the homo you denied me of
how rude of you to snapchat me of you doing something fun
you know when ur older relatives say things like “aww u were so cute when u were little” like excuse me bitch im still cute