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epilepsy warning gif warning RWBY sparrowgifs blegh they're kinda over-dithered but they're seriously pushign the filesize limit as it is i couldn't help myself i just wanted to gif everything i love penny's fighting style hint: check the captions for filenames; i enjoy giving dumb ones
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Congratulations to Are-Double-You-Bee-Why on their Internat...
my gifs Rooster Teeth ruby rose RWBY Blake Belladonna Weiss Schnee RWBYedit yang xiao long my bloop omg i'm so sorry for the gif spam i'm really nervous for my mom's treatment tomorrow
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sigh fanart: mine RWBY Weiss Schnee henceforward au did this during class i'm a bad art student mistakes everywhere this art slump needs to go away
My art RWBY Blake Belladonna i was going to draw yang but blake happened and blake keeps happening in other news i can't draw teenagers i liked the lineart more hahah h great
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ruby rose long post RWBY Blake Belladonna Weiss Schnee yang xiao long Emma tries to draw i did a full body yang but the framing is off compared to the other 3 also i did them in their actual clothes can u believe also body/proportions are probabaly v off cause i didn't use a ref for once messy pictures for ever and always
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