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1.Alphaville - Forever Young
~ glee blaine anderson I'm so sorry
doctor who the doctor David Tennant Billie Piper Rose Tyler mystuff ten i'm sorry i'm so sorry but look ep: doomsday ep: the christmas invasion i really wish i hadn't noticed this oh god THE TEXT IS THE COLOUR OF THEIR WALL SIDES his sad little nod breaks my heart so naturally it's my sidebar lol
Merlin oh god I'm so sorry
homestuck update I'm so sorry upd8
A son excitedly calls up his father. His wife has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl. "Dad, Dad! I’m a Dad now!" he says, tears in his eyes Over the line, his father smiles. "Hi, a Dad now. I’m Grandpa."
3 Teen Wolf this is so bad i'm so sorry cora hale i just had like zero cora on my blog and i l OVE HER SO MUCH I NEEDED HER HERE I'M SORRY I'M SORRY
this picture can i just like most people kiss the dolphin but not tom the dolphin kisses him
~ glee blaine anderson I'm so sorry 3x17
Persona 3 Yukari Takeba I'm so sorry
~ Darren Criss I'm so sorry Girl Most Likely
~ my gifs spoilers klaine glee MY EDIT i had to i'm not even sorry i'm sorry it's so sloppy omg i did it really quickly
Fanonstuck Alpha Kids
blogs being deleted? this sounds like the job of…
Benedict Cumberbatch i'm sorry I'm so sorry
* NTAs i have no idea what i' m doing i'm sorry so sorry actually i'm tagging it with my graphics tag and cackling about it a lot
twd the walking dead Rick Grimes sorry I'm not sorry I'm so proud of this
I finally processed the information on the leads for the top 250 grossing films (I’m going to do 500 in all), and I have some really, really great facts: Of the films, 209 starred a straight white man, or had a straight white male voice actor. This translates to 83.6% of all these films having...