• sad sorry i'm sorry fuckup so sorry •
ugh tears dgm D.Gray-Man Lavi Bookman caps* he look so sad like not very peaceful but like a i'm SORRY I COULDN'T DO ANYTHING MORE GUGASKF WHY AM I REREADING THIS PART
* robert pattinson request the jimmy kimmel interview was so good i'm sorry
doctor who i had to weeping angel I'm so sorry the angels take manhattan
$ Tobuscus Toby Turner i feel so awkward when i gif youtubers i'm sorry
klaine kurt hummel glee blaine anderson ! I'm so sorry
i see you drivin ‘round town with the girl i love and im like forget you~
I just realised the absolute worst thing. During the “Talk to me” scene in Hunteri Heroici, Cas tells Dean that if he returns to heaven, he might kill himself. In Torn and Frayed, Cas returns to heaven. Cas is no longer answering prayers. This means that Dean is afraid that Cas might hav...
  • John Travolta:Lay Miseraasdjasdsalkbleass
dancing supernatural dean winchester castiel i'm so sorry yet again
* chris colfer I'm so sorry p: my everything
Normal girl: Be the other girl.
You try to be her, but that’s lame because she’s fake. Your name is OTHER GIRL. You have a variety of interests, many of which include DRINKING, PARTYING, FACEBOOK, TEXTING and TANNING. You consider yourself to be the most popular girl ever, and enjoy making DUCK FACES in your BATHROOM...
spoilers tvd klaroline klaus x caroline i'm so sorry about the coloring this was impossible
Darren Criss ! cory monteith moncriss i'm sorry they look so bad
post not bad Pretty good I'm so sorry omfg
mygifs Dylan O'Brien mtv movie awards dylan pls these look so shitty I'm sorry :(
*** glee pezberry faberry BLAM i'm sad furt slain i refuse to tag all thees people i'm just tagging ships sorry
in which zayn touches harry and he receives the holy spirit
can this just be a weekly thing because i need an excuse to post all of these pictures and i have quite a few and i can’t just leave them to sit on my computer forever never seeing the light of tumblr and it’s not like anyone will appreciate these anywhere else also can i j...
gif by me exo Kai i'm sorry but i'm not sorry baekhyun suho chanyeol