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You wanted smooth sailing and I’ve always been a tsunami.
Reblog if you have used dude as a non gender specific term.
My mom often corrects me and my sister when we call each other dude, which really shouldn’t matter, but she’s making a big deal out of it anyways. And as someone who often doesn’t conform to what the defined box of what a girl is, it kinda hurts to be shoved back into place by one ...
Racism mark wahlberg Marky Mark hate crime vietnamese vietnamese american
If we follow each other you have permission to ask me for my number and text me
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2015 madi draws things long post too far food cw steven universe steven universe spoilers su amethyst su peridot amedot perithyst i am just trying to guess what this ship's name is su spoilers ??? honestly i love one-sided crush ships so I couldn't resist drawing all this sorry it's such an ugly mess tho;;; i'm kinda tired pffff;;;;;;
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when someone asks you not to touch them it is really important you respect that they don’t want to be touched
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** pirates Lucy Liu Michelle Rodriguez natalie dormer **1k tatiana maslany THIS TOOK ME FOREVER AND I'M REALLY PROUD OF IT
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