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Before you perform Salah.
Try disconnecting yourself from the world before you pray Salah. Put your phone aside, turn off your computer screen, put the book down and just sit there in utter silence for a minute or two. Wallahi this will help you develop Khushoo (humbleness, tranquility, calmness and serenity) while you pray ...
If you can handle my face at Fajr, I’ll know it’s true love.
How foolish are we to rush our prayers, when Allah is the Owner of time.
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For 13 centuries muslims woke up for fajr salah without any alarm clocks. We’ve got gadgets, they had Eeman.
Tell your ego that praying Salah is not an achievement. It should be as common as eating. You don’t praise yourself for eating, do you?
If you find it hard waking up for Fajr salah then recite S?rat al-Ikhl?s (Qul huwa All?hu ahad) 3 times and then hold a clear intention of waking up in your heart. An angel will be appointed by All?h (Subh?nahu wa ta’?la) who will wake you up just before Fajr salah. I’ve tried it many ti...
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Laziness against the Salah is a sign that the heart does not long after Allah.
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So I loved until I fell in love.
Hold on to your salah, because if you lose that, you will lose everything else.
Try to pray Tahajjud ( night prayer ) at least once a week and you will find very big differences in your life.
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اللهم ان رأيتني ابتعد عنك فردني اليك ردا جميلا
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