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[Sam Wilson Defense Squad intensifies]
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captain america: the winter soldier is actually a romantic comedy about bisexual retired airman sam wilson and the sudden parade of hot people barelling into his life
One time Sam Wilson flew too high and the sun melted.
Sam Wilson was an NCO, not an officer
Have to get this off my chest, because I see Sam called Major a lot. Pararescueman (Sometimes called Parajumpers or PJs) in the USAF, which we’re told Sam was, is an enlisted position. Sam Wilson was a non-commissioned officer - I’m gonna guess he was at least a Sergeant and given the le...
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Wesley Snipes portrayed Blade in 1998 and later in the film’s two sequels. Halle Berry has reprised her role as Storm in every X-Men film si...
But yeah, can Sam Wilson become the Avenger Therapist? Sam talking to Tony about ways to manage his PTSD after New York. Sam talking to Thor about how Loki’s “death” was not his responsibility. Sam talking to Clint about how to cope with Loki invading his mind and forcing him to ki...
So Joss Whedon has been saying for a year that he wants to kill off a character in Avengers 2? He then clarifies that killing off someone is killing off their franchise potential. (Source) And then Sam Wilson and Agent Triplett show up on set, two beloved characters who Marvel has stated no solo-fra...
I don’t want to go so far as to say that only a white writer would think to have Sam Wilson become Captain America, because that’s not the c...
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think just how much all the avengers must love sam thoughnatasha telling him awful jokes 24/7 and always keeping his fave ice cream in the freezer tony making him new wings every 15 minutes because “i can iMPROVE THIS SHIT WILSON JUST LET ME TRY ADDING ROCKET BOOSTERS”bruce drinking tea with him bec...
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