• same •
*baby crying outside*me: samecoworker: what?me: like you know im the baby… I’m… also… highly dissatisfied with my current situation… im… you know… crying too….. internally… but as a joke…… same…………..coworker: 
this guy is me
ugh the worst feeling ever is when you have your period and you have to sneeze or you have been sitting down for a while and have to get up
same same miley
mine same same harry
if you dont like nick grimshaw dont talk to me
"you motherfucking tall son of a bitch"
1k new girl Zooey Deschanel stuff i made ngedits she's crying lololololololol same same same same sam e
School of Rock same same freddie
new girl same same jess
mine dan danisnotonfire same dan same
~ Darren Criss Matt Bomer SAME SAME
glee naya rivera stuff same naya same
Tina Fey ^ jane krakowski same jane same
SAME SAME kore wa zombie desu ka
gif scott disick edit interview same scott same
Talk to me about Zayn leaving, Louis. Er, Jess. You’re not Louis.You’re called Jess. You’re a lady from Somerset.
my gifs Anna Kendrick same anna same
mine twitter tweet same liam same :))- ha