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me playing fallout 4:
MY EDIT game of thrones asoiaf Arya Stark catelyn stark sandor clegane I made a thing oh look Nymeria red wedding gotedit asoiafedit and now I'm sad aryameme arya edit
gif robb stark bran stark jon snow Rickon Stark Arya Stark Sansa Stark maria catelyn tully sandor clegane samwell tarly Syrio Forel Hodor gendry hot pie osha Jojen Reed rodrik cassel maester luwin meera reed Jory Cassel gotedit asoiafedit all seasons gotstarks
game of thrones Arya Stark sandor clegane I can only apologise cheeky nandos
game of thrones Jaime Lannister sandor clegane Brienne of Tarth Bronn Jaime x Brienne gotedit gotjaimelannister gotbrienneoftarth virginal queue
My art game of thrones got Joffrey Baratheon Sansa Stark Petyr Baelish sandor clegane the hound dating is rough in westoros sleazy pete finger guns you know it
gif game of thrones countdown s4 4.07 cecilia gotedit
my gifs mine game of thrones requested sandor clegane sansa x sandor mine: got i hope you like it! gotedit gotsandorclegane (just in case) freyabloo of course some of this ~kind moments~ are open to interpretation and are sometimes reluctant or rough but i do find them interesting and worth being in the set
mine Arya Stark sandor clegane gotedit gameofthronesdaily
mine gotedit gotsansastark gotbrienneoftarth gameofthronesdaily iheartgot i want to make more like ahhhh these two this has been on my to-gif list for 100 years ps the parallel between sandor and jaime in connection to this is also interesting 'stupid little bird' and 'stupid ugly wench' 'two shadows loomed over them' etc
sandor bisaro
spoilers mine got asoiaf catelyn tully gotedit lady stoneheart gotcatelynstark iheartgot (lol nope) (NEVER OVER IT) yet another post that is celia's fault tbh (i read Falling last night and it murdered me)
gif s4 4.08 gotedit Oberyn Martell gregor clegane suzie gotoberynmartell gotgregorclegane thronesmas
game of thrones pixel art pixel art masterpieces charlie pl pixelgot
mine bran stark disability Jaime Lannister Tyrion Lannister Hodor gotedit aemon targaryen shireen baratheon gotjaimelannister gotbranstark gottyrionlannister gregor clegane robert arryn robin arryn ilyn payne these are primarily physical bc i'm not really keen on forcing diagnoses dumb ideas sammy's had
love painting picture kiss lovers fairy Woods Knight medieval sword dark knight Sansa Stark sandor clegane the hound maiden sansan
gif requested etc etc Arya Stark Cersei Lannister Joffrey Baratheon sandor clegane mary Tywin Lannister gotedit walder frey gotaryastark selfrighteous-pawns i hope this is what u wanted haha lmfao @mel/beric/thoros being here but whatcha gonna do show canon
my gif mine game of thrones Sansa Stark shae tv: got gotedit gotsansastark gotshae sansa appreciation week (well sansa and show!shae anyway) (i didn't care much about shae on the books ;\) (and i never expected to like their relationship on the show either) (sometimes i wonder if ~on the show~ sansa will ever find out what happened to shae) (i would love to see sansa thinking about her or asking littlefinger about her) (but at the same time i also don't want this - i just don't want to see sansa suffer even more) (anyway this prompt was a tough one) (i also love sansa relationship with cerseityrion and sandor)
game of thrones edit1 Arya Stark sandor clegane fav scenes edit: game of thrones gotedit gotaryastark gotsandorclegane gots4 gots4e1 gotrewatch2014
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