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Sansa Stark sophie turner sandor clegane rory mccann photosets: made by me (4) game of thrones (8) Joffrey you stupid fucker ugh was that added scene really needed? jfc but omg SanSan apriki FEELINGS ALL OVER THE PLACE ABOUT THIS EPISODE OMG SOMEONE HOLD ME Sansa and Sandor
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my gifs game of thrones Sansa Stark Petyr Baelish sandor clegane sansan A Feast for Crows WHAT DO U MEAN THIS DIDN'T HAPPEN!??!!
My art game of thrones asoiaf Sansa Stark sandor clegane sansan THANK YOU THANK YOU thank you grrm thank you d&d thank you maester behind the rock or brother thank you scene that made me cry and what would have made him happy
My art sandor clegane sansan sansa x sandor me draws I’m totally gonna draw modern!Sandor with a shotgun cos he’s a shotgun-type of guy also Clegane-bros are AUish Dixons no one will convince me otherwise and for all those who say that there should be Arya instead of Sansa NO THERE SHOULDN'T
When someone identifies with their favorite character it can say a lot about them. Whenever someone says “they are so me” believe them. Sometimes liking a favorite character they identify with is the closest thing to catch a glimpse of who they really are. Never tell anyone that they are talking abo...
mine got Sansa Stark sandor clegane sansan gotgif gotedit gotsansastark gotsandorclegane there are so many things i don't like in this one like the font in the first one or the quality of the deleted scene of course and some of the colourings are just ugh but this one has been in the waiting for so long now i just want it done damnit
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graphics game of thrones oh well Arya Stark Sansa Stark a time for wolves got meme aww yii back to what I do best: blatantly stealing gifs from myself and making my gifs all blue and yellow just like old times I'm done with the quote part of the meme and I'm STILL using quotes this one is one of my favorite quotes I'm sad the end bit usually gets cut off and that's my favorite bit it has nothing to do really with the girls (and thus this gifset) but still! I talk a big game about wanting to see SanSan reunite or Arya to find Gendry again but what I really REALLY want is for Arya and Sansa to find each other again and help each other Arya on Sansa's queensguard like... if they never see each other again I will be devastated I will throw the book and sob but I think they will see each other again and be beautiful wonderful perfect sisters and things won't be terrible