• save him •
save him
Graphic bnw idk what im doing anymore save him tkg tgedit
But, if Gallifrey is really somewhere out there, then you realise who else is?
okay so i was fucking??? going through the bonfire scene frame by frame and i was doing it backwards and it turned out to look like the most horrifying thing????
Graphic save him tkg tgedit my laptop is dying i made it after all
when u see rly gross porn of ur favorite female character
Graphic save him tkg tgedit me: *tries to put stuff i downloaded to use* me: *fails*
louis is 100% someone who would say “babe, it’s not gonna suck itself”
Graphic cries save him tkg tgedit this was not the result i pictured in my mind
sirius black, ominously: no……only one will die tonight……… me: honey………they don’t know u well enough yet to understand ur drama queen tendencies…….if u could just stop being melodramatic for a second………y...
gif 1k omfg bw 5k verbal jint smtm4 i can't deal with him save this man vj1
comic con hannibal hugh dancy nbc hannibal chickennuggets LET'S FUCKING SAVE HIM
bnw save him tkg eye horror / tgedit the limitations when ur using schools mac lmao......
pokemon doodle steven stone
mangacap bnw save him tkg tgedit smol i put this off for 4 months omf truly smol
fire emblem awakening fire emblem awakening spoilers fea spoilers tfw u kill ur dad when u went back in time to save him feabloggin
Chara frisk sans undertale undertale spoilers someone save him genocide route
Graphic bnw save him tkg tgedit bye i cant believe i took so long to edit this
1k Peeta Mellark minee Mockingjay president snow thgedit mjedit mockingjayedit WE NEED TO FUCKING SAVE HIM OMG