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The Box Scene: It Changes Everything
Now that we’ve reached the end of the season and eagerly await the next step in Kurt and Blaine’s journey, The Box Scene presents an interesting, riveting, and moving perspective not only of the relationship of two boys in love, but also of a show and the viewers it serves.  It changes e...
How to Write a Fight Scene (Rebloggable Version)
Admin Note: This post is a rebloggable copy of our page on fight scenes. The page is being phased out, so from now on all updates will be made on this post and not on the page.  Among the typically difficult scenes writers face in their stories, the fight scene definitely ranks high on the list. Bel...
The Box Scene Acquisition Project + The Box Scene Script (fi...
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The Box Scene
“Extraordinary Merry Christmas:” Act Six
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Today 8PM EST Experience it with the fandom Then join us for the flailing and fallout
At this point it would seem that The Box Scene is not set to be released on the Season 3 DVD. We here at TheBoxScene think we need to make it clear, as respectfully as possible, th...
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