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People are metaphorically playing with fire when they meet you, Scorpio. Your aura is alluring and intense, and if they get a little close you can bite back. Only the ones that know how to handle you will be able to keep you from burning them. 
zodiac astrology scorpio scorpiotrait scorpio facts zodiac scorpio
zodiac astrology scorpio scorpiotrait scorpio facts zodiac scorpio
  • Temperament:Feeling
  • Mood:Scorpios experience some of the zodiac's most intense mood swings. They have periods of joyous euphoria and devastating melancholy. When in a low mood, Scorpio is prone to extremely dark thoughts, paranoia and introspection; on the contrary, a happy Scorpio is tremendously loving, curious, energetic and prone to delusions of grandeur
  • Works From:Right Brain
  • Compulsions:Scorpios could be considered as generally compulsive people. Nothing is half way with Scorpio; substance use becomes dependency, partners are marriage potential and the need to be in control can underly this
  • Signs of Distress:Isolation, opposition, hostility and violent mood swings. Intense melancholy with at times delusions and paranoia. Thoughts even scary to them, a sense of 'me against the world'.
  • Signs of Rage:Hostility, persecutory delusions, thoughts of revenge, violence (physical and verbal) overwhelming feelings of rage and violence, firm but hurtful words, confrontational, breaking belongings, lose touch with reality/irrationality
  • Signs of Nerves:Increased need for control, hostility, violent frustration (wall kicking, throwing objects), irrationality, increased obsessiveness - they may spend hours and hours focused on one task almost manically, rejection of others though frustration they are not 'there', flashbacks
  • Signs of Happiness:Decreased cynicism, adopting a more tolerant mindset, ability to consider new ideas without instant rejection, increased generosity towards close friends and family, curiosity, balanced sexual urgency, inquisitiveness, less closed off and isolated, affectionate. Protective and creative
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About Scorpio Women
Before anything else, with Scorpio woman you have to understand that she’s an intense, private, and passionate being who doesn’t care much for established social rules. Some say you can never truly know the intensity of romance unless you’ve been with a Scorpio. She is rarely conce...
The only tragedy in love is that secrets no longer stay a secret.
  • 1:Scorpio’s sensitivity operates on a high frequency and they use their hearts to penetrate the core of any situation
  • 2:They are reticent to put trust in anyone but themselves.
  • 3:They will remain quiet instead of speaking empty words and spend a lot of time in deep introspection
  • 4:Scorpios feel a lot more than they can convert into words
  • 5:They heal others from the potions stirred in their own trauma, abuses and stories of survival.
  • 6:Scorpios don’t need religion, laws or higher powers to model their behavior off. They write their morals in their own blood
  • 7:They are love, pleasure, essence, rage, orgasm, magic, tenacity and they can soak you in feeling of everything
  • 8:Scorpios never forget a kind deed done for them, and have too much pride to remain indebted to someone
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I am compelled, by those who fascinate and intrigue me, curious enough to want to get to know you, indepth. Someone who can handle my intric...
When Scorpio finally cracks:
zodiac astrology scorpio scorpiotrait zodiac facts scorpio facts
zodiac astrology scorpio scorpiotrait zodiac facts scorpio facts
zodiac astrology scorpio scorpiotrait zodiac facts scorpio facts
zodiac astrology scorpio scorpiotrait zodiac facts scorpio facts
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zodiac astrology scorpio scorpiotrait scorpio facts
10 Things a Scorpio Hates:
People who borrow their pen and never return it Lovers that don’t orgasm Being made jealous by a lover Being outshone at any task Dining without dignity Being the victim of gossip Being accused of being unfaithful (even if they are) People who are too trendy People who claim to be psychic Not ...
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zodiac astrology scorpio scorpiotrait scorpio facts
Best way to start anew, is to fail miserably. Fail at loving, fail at giving, fail at creating a flow. Then re-align the whole