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Hello all! I have decided to make custom gifs for whomever reblogs this based on your blog (if it gets up to a thousand I will at least try to get to you.) I will put your URL on it and some type of gif relating to your blog. Here is a sample for my blog: I know it’s nothing special. But I&#...
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The people on tumblr
a post to scroll past
1k One Direction e2 eh bad edit scroll past this bitches
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friends chandler chandler bing F.R.I.E.N.D.S. bridge this one is like scroll scroll oh surprize chandler at the end surprize chander is the best chandler
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Translation of "Wolf" [Demo] Lyrics
Note that it’s still a demo/unfinished track, most likely intentionally leaked by SM for a reason. There are bound to be changes to the song itself, and hopefully, the lyrics. OTL A lot of kfans are still dying over the corny, lame lyrics and since a lot of anons asked for the translation, her...
Remember when you first discovered Tumblr and you would scroll down your dashboard until you reached...
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Scroll bis nach unten an den Anfang meines Blogs und du weißt mehr über mich als Andere jemals aus m...
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LOL tumblr
Now scroll down your dash.