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Tumblr broke the Infinite Scroll on my Theme
The Tumblr blog that hosted the Infinite Scroll code for my Blog is gone, either Tumblr removed it or the blog is gone itself. Now the Infinite Scroll on my Blog is Broken. Tumblr i’m a dissappoint.Edit: Fixed by looking up the link to archive.org and finding the original script (as noted in some re...
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Hello all! I have decided to make custom gifs for whomever reblogs this based on your blog (if it gets up to a thousand I will at least try to get to you.) I will put your URL on it and some type of gif relating to your blog. Here is a sample for my blog: I know it’s nothing special. But I&#...
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There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.
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hey!! i’m getting rid of a BUNCH of clothes and this time i don’t want to just donate it. i want to give it to trans girls in need of some cute clothing (i have literally TONS of adorable stuff!!!) if you could reblog this to help me find someone/a place for trans girls only to give it ...
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The people on tumblr
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why are 90% of urls attached to popular text posts deactivated?  is someone picking them off, assassin style, or have these users won their freedom from this website, gladiator style
1k One Direction e2 eh bad edit scroll past this bitches
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