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Sea Beauty Spell
A simple sea spell for beauty. Be it outer, inner or both. What you’ll need: 1 clam shell Sea water Instructions: Take your abalone shell to the sea and step into the water. Lower your shell and fill it with sea water. Look into your reflection in the water that’s in the shell and focus on your appe...
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I have the sea foam in my veins, I understand the language of the waves.
Sea puta, sea zorra, sea lesbiana; la mujer se respeta
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The squee heard ‘round the world!
As you probably know by now, a wild baby sea otter was born this morning in our Great Tide Pool! For the last several days, a wild female sea otter had been using the protected basin of our Great Tide Pool to rest from the winter storms. Last night, just as the Aquarium closed, she was spotted once ...
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