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For the First Time in Forever Reprise (No Instruments) I lov...
Your first love has that title for a reason. They may or may not still be in your life, but they have served their purpose. They have writte...
First Time
Vance Joy  Dream Your Life Away
First Time | Vance Joy there will always be another time for us to fall in love...
spoilers get it breaking bad *pic brbaedit ugh this is shit the first three is the family and the second the 'for me'
The Hunger Games Catching Fire Mockingjay thgedit cfedit finnickdistractsme mjedit tag; everyone i love the first one; not sure about the second
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Let's Talk About: Point of View,  a table of contents
Table of contents:Part 1: An IntroductionPart 2: Hello, My Name is First PersonPart 3: I’m First Person and I Have ProblemsPart 4: Second Person Wishes You HelloPart 5: You Discover Tricks to Handle Second PersonPart 6: Third Person Omniscient Says HelloPart 7: The Pros and Cons of Third Perso...
gif movies stuff colin o'donoghue the rite colinodedit did he change his hair between the first and second one because it looks different anyway i love you baby
When I explain a queer term to a queer person: Oh. Oh. oh. So I’m—I’m not—it’s a thing. I’m not broken. When I explain a queer term to a non-queer person: Aren’t you just making the problem worse by making up all these words? Why do you even need labels!
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Everybody has two biases
Bias One: I love you so much. Pure perfection. Bless you, bless your family, bless your family’s family. Look at them they’re pure gold. So cute. So adorable. Sweet n squishy I just :) they deserve the world :)Bias Two: 0/10 would not recommend this nerd to anybody. They poisoned my water supply, bu...
photoset justin bieber omg as long as you love me i think this is my first EVER justin edit i love this video tho
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1k oh well divergent Four tobias eaton divergentedit !create I love the first gif but second part is meh
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