• second place goes to nori js •
mine the hobbit thorin oakenshield hs hobbitedit thorinedit richardarmitakeme god don't look at me i know i meant to do this ages ago omg second place goes to nori js don't ask me most attractive bc it's just gonna be thorin again lmao
4k cultural appropriation now that coachella weekend is over it's time to just reflect on all the fuckery that took place shaking my damn  head
so pretty Captain America mcu anthony mackie sam wilson ca:tws now i need beach vacation fic! maybe celebrating his first month as captain america tony volunteers his place down in... miami? i don't know the skyline in the second pic skinny!steve goes ahead to prep it where by 'prep' i mean makes sure it's fully stocked with lube and toys but really steve it's tony's house of course it's fully stocked
My art the hobbit oin dwalin gloin balin bifur bombur dori nori ori thorin oakenshield cries dos Smaug Thorin Desolation of Smaug the hobbit: desolation of smaug the hobbit: dos for some reason i couldn't upload it properly so i keep having to repost it because something always goes wrong
gif 1k my gifs mine night blue clouds 2k 5 Centimeters Per Second 5cm per second 5 centimetres per second i trei i need to find a place to get better quality videos but i guess i'm not complaining atm
tumblr is always a sad place when a Korean group goes to L.A
winter soldier vs. cars: expectations:  reality:
space Astronomy
liam payne * lyrics BLESS YOUR HANDS AND FACE mila-js
I’m officially a second-class citizen. Thanks Canada :)
kanye west nori north west
vw vampire weekend ezra koenig
kuroko no basuke kuroko no basket Kuroko Tetsuya Kise Ryouta kagami taiga let's see how THIS goes lydia's crappy stuff i didn't know who to tag so otp and second fav character new style of editing kinda! while this'll post when i'm gone o.o i think this'll be queued
monty python holy grail king arthur Camelot monty phython and the holy grail silly place to camelot
"foreign names are so complicated!!" coming from people who have 50 ways to spell ashley
my edits [1] inFamous Kind of. Delsin Rowe infamous second son all I did was bump up the colors. all credit goes to the reddit users who provided the screenshots. :)
portrait iceland
exo exo k orz chanyeol exogiif babooooooooo ummm the othe may turn from hadsome to cute or whatever but this giant is just different he goes the other way aroud
1k A Bangtan suga omg the second pic ruined it agklasgsklagjklajgklajaj ITS OKAY YOONGI WANTS TO PROMOTE HIS PLACE