• self destruction •
pretty drawing art girls girl cold happy Cool beautiful gorgeous joy eye portrait artwork flower blue laugh smile amazing colorful sunshine bright serious talent incredible Sunlight intense dramatic colored pencil self-portrait
What doesn’t kill you gives you EXP.
self defense You Go Girls sexual assault tw harrassment tw
Dove hired a forensic artist to draw how women see themselve...
self couple kiss
Racism uzo aduba internalized racism Black parenting ethnic names
man, teenaged girls aren’t allowed to have a genuine interest in anything without being ridiculed for it. if a girl likes ugg boots and starbucks she’s stupid and stereotypical, but if she likes combat boots and obscure coffee houses she’s a hipster wannabe and is trying too hard. if a girl listens ...
Black and White eating disorder Personal fat self harm cut notes ribs most notes ever
So far you’ve survived 100% of your worst days. You’re doing great.
1. Your skin may never be perfect, and that’s okay. 2. Life is too short not to have the underwear, the coffee, and the haircut you ...
drawing Illustration art depression sad painting pain drowning My art portrait hurting digital art self portrait sorrow artists of tumblr moga artbymoga i'll feel better in the morning
Merry Christmas Christmas LOL funny animals cute adorable Little puppy lmao cutie pug too cute cuteness tiny self concious very funny little one xmas2014
When I was in the hospital I was roomed with a schizophrenic And she was the most gentle person I have ever met There was a boy with a long deep slit across his neck Who told very funny jokes A girl who never spoke a word Would draw the most beautiful pictures The boy who shook with anxiety ...
love black girls body comparison gems self love
Mulan shang snapchat cant stop me hella gay every Vavvy talks too much
My laundry basket is self-loading.
depression suicide self harm story not over semi colon
To heal a wound you need to stop touching it.
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