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Today’s International Self-Injury Awareness Day, so I wanted to make something. All alternatives are taken from this post, go there for more!Remember that I love you, and I’m here for you. Please be safe.
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#CutForBieber is actually trending on twitter and his fans are posting photos of them cutting themselves asking him to stop smoking pot. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen, self harm is nothing to joke about let alone post pictures for Justin Bieber because he smoked some? Like jesus...
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  • Cut myself on purpose:Don't even flinch.
  • Get a paper cut:Jump out of my skin in pain and puts a band-aid on that shit.
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Today a self harmer will put down their weapon for the last time. Today an anorexic will start eating again. Today a bulimic will purge for the last time. Today people will realize that their past has no control over them. Today people will begin recovery. Why don’t you become one of the...
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You convince people out of suicide. You help people that self harm. You tell people that they’re beautiful. But you can’t do this to yourself. You can’t convince yourself out of suicide. You can’t stop self harming. You can only think of how ugly you are. As a human, I’...
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i’m not going to lie to you. cutting feels great. amazing, even. the rush of adrenaline, the sight of blood pouring out of you, the peaceful, warm feeling that spreads throughout your body. it feels good. it feels calm. but those few minutes of relief and release aren’t worth what come...