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doctor who eleventh doctor mine 2 new series 7 DW gif by me dwedit clara oswald eleven x clara moffatedit i've always wanted to gif this scene but i couldn't make a decent colouring i hope this one is
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1k mine 500 Capcom Chun Li Street Fighter Chun-Li fam long post // mine: gaming fam: games how could i do this edit series and not have the first lady of fighting games!!!
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Want I Want from the New Star Trek Series
Non-White Female CaptainAlien Female First OfficerAt Least One of the Above to be LGBTQNon-Gendered Alien Crew MemberAnother LGBTQ Crew Member besides either the CO/XORacially Diverse Cast: No “white people + 1-2 token ethnicity” BSGender Diverse Cast: No 7 Male/3 Female ratio; 50/50 split!At Least ...
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