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If you think about it, for the vast majority of the time, Sherlock presents a facade of indestructibility to John he comes back from the dead all arrogance and swagger; John completely unaware of any scars/damage he may have, physical and otherwise, and Sherlock seemingly showing no remorse for the ...
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Non-White Female CaptainAlien Female First OfficerAt Least One of the Above to be LGBTQNon-Gendered Alien Crew MemberAnother LGBTQ Crew Member besides either the CO/XORacially Diverse Cast: No “white people + 1-2 token ethnicity” BSGender Diverse Cast: No 7 Male/3 Female ratio; 50/50 split!At Least ...
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CONFIRMED AND EXCLUSIVE: Sherlock Series Three begins filming March 18 2013
Following weeks (or is it months?) of speculation, Sherlockology can reveal that filming on the eagerly anticipated third series of Sherlock will commence on Monday March 18 2013. Martin Freeman and other sources have been counting down to the beginning of production over the past weeks in va...
After bursting onto the original series scene with premium cable caliber adult fare like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black,Netflix is entering a new area — live-action fa...
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Benedict Cumberbatch confirms Sherlock series 4
Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that he and co-star Martin Freeman have signed up for a fourth series of the BBC1 detective drama. “We’ve agreed to two more series but I’m probably going to get into trouble for saying that,” said Cumberbatch at the South Bank Show Awards ...
The fact that thiswasn’t scripted makes me so unbelievably happy. A+ chemistry and acting ladies. If there was a grade higher than A+, I would give it to you. Actually… you know what. Screw A+… I give you a GAY+!
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