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The Big List of Sewing References
Over the past two years or so I’ve collected a fair amount of sewing references and tutorials, applicable to both cosplay and regular garment sewing. They’ve helped me out a lot, so I thought other people might benefit from them too! Basics/General Sewing vocabulary http://buzzybeesworl...
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Patterns Stories I need to tell
Practice good sewing habits, and you will see it in the final product.
Start with this one:Press your seams.Press... your seams…“I was going to sew it all first. I was going to finish it and THEN iron it.” Nonsense. This is nonsense. I know it. You know it. This is not pressing your seams.Press your seams.If your iron is not out while you’re sewing, you aren’t p...
Beginner Cosplayer Expectations
When you are starting to sew and you think it will be like this: But it turns out more like this:
me: hoe dont do itsewing machine:sewing machine: me: oh my god.
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DIY Skirt Tutorials
Because skirts will always be more flattering and more comfortable than shorts. Plus, they’re a fuckload easier to make. Here are a bunch of skirt tutorials I found online. There are lots more, but I picked these because they were cute: 5 minute skirt Tiered ruffle skirt tutorial DIY mini ...
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And Sewing Is Half The Battle: Tutorial! INVISIBLE SHOES!
You heard right:  INVISIBLE SHOES!A great tutorial on making invisible shoes for all those characters who run around barefoot. 
I’m sure we’ve covered this already - Shirts from the Men’s section are generally superior in terms of opacity, durability and warmth. For some reason, designers like to make shirts in the women’s section see-through and flimsy.  But! I’m not here to discuss their secre...
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