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Quando cai shampoo no olho durante o banho:
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Remember: the time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself. Life’s cruelest irony.
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Shampoo que não faz espuma ::::::::::::::::: poser.
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Toalha: Aquela que sempre estava lá para te ajudar quando o Shampoo tentava te cegar
Obrigada toalha <3
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when ur crush sits near you
Zayn’s probably going to tweet something super irrelevant soon like ‘good morning the world aha :) x’ then everybody’s going to tweet him with the craziest shit about the video then he’ll take a bath and never come back
No sabes lo que es dolor si nunca te entro Shampoo en medio de un concierto
“Baby you light up my world like no bo..AAAAAAAAAAA MIS OJOS”
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gif daesung bigbang dgif mydaesungedit mybigbangedit where the hell is your shampoo CF??? why are you not the one given extensions and long wigs to parade around in??? what is wrong with everyone??? ¿¿¿???!¿¿??
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