• she looks so perfect ep •
Chim art tales of zestiria Sorey Mikleo alisha diphda I am so thankful for ep 2
Personal drawin Overwatch owoc shes inspired by (and named after) my late grandmother who i loved a lot !! beep bep ! overwatch oc biid tw ps i forgot to mention but in being affiliated w overwatch i mean she is affiliated w/ the unofficial resurgence like she's friendly w winston tracer reinhardt etc but she was never a member of ow so don't get the wrong idea !! she just wants to redeem herself for her time spent in the ALF so thru granny magic she found out abt winston's recall and found him and expressed her allegiance and desire to help in any way that she can !!
the machine person of interest harold finch this whole scene poi spoilers POIEDIT made me so sad this was probs the highlight of the ep tbh i'm still so emo over this
5k *gif alyciacareys ftwdedit alicia clark aliciaclarkedit lexathecommander she looks so gorgeous omg yaas
1k Sarah Shahi myedit Amy Acker root person of interest poi 500plus UGH UGH UGH shootedit POIEDIT Samantha Groves sameen shaw Root x Shaw i feel like this looks a mess ugh but tbh idec rn lol our captains are just >>>> why are they so great?!
1k mystuff Iain de Caestecker fitzsimmons agents of shield Jemma Simmons Leo Fitz Elizabeth Henstridge aosedit fitzsimmonsedit THANKS LUKE ltfrankcastle IAIN LOOKS SO EMBARRASSED LOL BLESS HIM
twitter beyonce lemonade stats I AM SO HAPPY highest score EVER
art beyonce lemonade artists on tumblr asieybarbie so many looks omg
doctor who mine sigh :') i'm so excited peter capaldi Pearl Mackie no wait 2016 needs you guys too!! D: can't wait for set pictures and promotional pictures and trailers and guest stars and for the story of how pearl heard she was gonna be the new companion and COSTUMES!
someone: why do you like muscular female characters? me:
haikyuu sugawara koushi the haikyuu extra is a baton relay race vball team vs other sports clubs etc looks fun a s fuck i'll tl it later
* ** and the100edit bellarke bellarkeedit bellamy x clarke bffnet i hate this coloring SO MUCH BUT ALL TEHSE SCENES ARE DARK WHATS THE POINT @ GOD lowkey this doesn't even have to be romo but doubting that she cares about him is ridiculous my guy he's one of the most important people in her life which is obviously the same on his end and i dont WANNA THINK ABOUT IT BECAUSE he came down here only having one person in his heart and clarke has shoved her way in there i totally lost track of what i was saying ignore me
otp kdrama song joong ki DOTS dramas song hye kyo descendants of the sun why so adorable captain how come she can reject his kiss you try to act hard to get dr kang
5sos 5 seconds of summer luke hemmings HE LOOKS SO GOOD TODAY I HATE THIS
kristen stewart candid pic blonde my stuff kstewedit kstewnetwork so she cuted her hair too.... im waiting to see it styished
1k gifs the joker movie jared leto and his voice suicide squad MYGIFS** omfg!!!!! HE' LOOKS SO SICK JSDGBISDBGUSDBGUSE
gfx Haikyuu!! Sorry!! daikiaomines hq!!edit fyeahsportsanime the 2nd one was made like 2 weeks after so it looks rly bad also 200% there's a typo bc i can never make edits w/o typos orz
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