• she looks so perfect ep •
love photography couple cute adorable Black and White happy edit happiness the fault in our stars tfios augustus waters hazel grace shailene woodley i love it a lot ansel elgort this is so perfect wow
mine trees fresh indie dark blue nature neon plants gray grey modern glow pale
so cute
Personal i laughed so hard the subtitle was also pretty funny
kitty cat IM GONNA CRY
Orange is the new Black
small meow maybe she does. she looks at them a lot
This should be protocol everywhere
Today in the park I was walking my dog and there was this other girl walking her poodle. She was really pretty and very very nice. Our dogs played for a little while. And then her poodle squatted and pooped, and when she leaned down to pick it up a dude started yelling obscenities about how he’...
mine im not so sad rn
gordon ramsay Hell's Kitchen
* i love my mom laverne cox oitnb cast she is so beautiful inside and out and adorable lmao her laugh is the cutest
She is so cute! Awh!
cats money smoki he looks so done with me smol child
1k 5k jay z 10k 15k 20k mine: gif ugly gifs ew she was proud and didnt even know who he was at first thats so cute
Watching Jennifer Lawrence meet famous people never gets old.
a guy i know was dating this girl called kate and on their two year anniversary they like went for a picnic and it was super cute and romantic but his friends thought itd be funny to prank him by hiring a skywriter to write ‘will you marry me kate?’ in the sky and so they did and she saw...
justice kesha freekesha
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