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my gifs ugh tom hiddleston Thor loki frigga rene russo feels man because he's still her son and she still loves him she's always loved him just as much as thor because she didnt see him any differently than she did thor even tho she isnt actually his mother shes still his mom and she always will be she really did love loki and she never told him the truth because she wanted to protect him not just use him like odin did she couldnt discriminate against him because she didnt see him any differently
mine 1000 dwedit river song edit rd edit it always breaks my heart how her timeline works first time she meets him she kills him first time he meets her she kills herself and both time she saves him and she hasn't stopped risking her life for him between those two moments like she couldn't do enough to make up for the fact that she killed him on that first time so of course the answer is yes yes he's worth it and even more
3 chuck i need to know she remember all of this okay she has to remember who she is because i know we all love s1 sarah but in s1 we hoped she would open up and she did and she was crying saying she loved him to herself and she needs to remember those stages i don't want for her to simply start to fall in love from scratch she wanted a family and a normal life and she deserves it so yeah where's that movie? btw this was flawless.
love hair eyes beautiful vintage new girl Zooey Deschanel (500) Days Of Summer she and him
my aunt came home from vacation and told me this story
my aunt went to cape cod with her husband and brother and they went to the beach and she was flying a kite when this guy came up to her and said “ooh whatre you doing with that kite?” and being the sassy bitch my aunt is, said “im air fishing" without looking at him so he just says...
what if you met your favorite celebrity and they just ended up treating you like how chip skylark treated vicky. 
1k love the doctor river song always my edit2 dwedit river song edit rd edit e:riverdoctor those two looks kill me okay she just always looks at him with such utter love and after she watches him die watches herself kill him her mother cry and mourn him watches him burn she still looks at him with such love becaus ethat's what it is and overabundance of forgiveness because the moment things become unforgiveable is the moment love starts to die so she is still able to look at him like that because her love for him is immeanse and endless just like her forgiveness is
doctor who mine Rose Tyler Tenth Doctor doctor x rose always but dwedit okay so let me tell you why I love this scene so the doctor has regenerated and rose is questioning everything she thought she knew about him and she used to know him well she used to love him even and she still does she isn't sure what he thinks about her anymore and he's been virtually comatose for a while when this christmas tree attacks and rose doesn't know who else to turn to and he did say he was still the same person so she takes a chance she asks him for help and it's a quiet intimate whisper that wakes him up not her yelling and she says 'help me' because he's the only one who can and he wakes up and he saves her because he is the same man and he will be there to save her whenever she needs him
gif girl cute adorable music video Him music Zooey Deschanel Zooey she and Silly she and him M. Ward hula hoop quirky adorkable In The Sun Zooey D
1k mygifs jily james x lily j f c do I need to put a disclaimer on this? THIS IS A JAMES/LILY GIFSET PLS READ B4 REBLOGGING otp: she hated him nah she didn't :'))) james has feeeeeelings he's a teenage boy who's a bit obsessed with lily evans he won't admit it but ofc he's jealous of snivelly - he gets to be close to lily and lily was annoyed by him but she didn't hate him it's canon u guys she didn't hate him
hey here’s a thought what if Jess was pregnant  and Sam never knew
gif 1k mine Teen Wolf lydia martin stydia martinski Mine: TW FRICK twedit scotsmcall stydiaedit SHE WOULDN'T EVEN LOOK AT HIM FOR MORE THAN 0.01 SECONDS AND NOW SHE CAN'T KEEP HER EYES OFF HIM i have feelings about stydia development again
film disney okay i'm done wreck it ralph Wreck-It Ralph vanellope von schweetz I just rewatched this scene and got all teary eyed It meant SO much to her like ralph is like i'm sorry yo this thing is ugly and Vanellope is like it's beautiful omg and she can't believe she can finally live her dream her goal everything she wants and ralph is actually shocked that she likes it and appreciates it cuz so far she's seemed bratty and yet she appreciates something he saw as ugly and she calls it a work of art and her freaking out makes him realize how much all this means to her and ralph is so down on himself and she's bringing out the best and hope within him i have so many wreck it ralph feels okay
Bradley Cooper jennifer lawrence silver linings playbook and she wrote the letter she wants him to feel good about himself she don't think he's a hopeless case like most of people she sees all his qualities and at this point she's already in love with him and she doesn't care about the fact he think this words are from his ex-wife she just want to see him happy and proud of himself
my gif brave how to train your dragon merida toothless hiccup rise of the brave tangled dragons gifseries: the big four I dunno; this is how I imagine their encounter Merida first met Hiccup in the outskirts of the castle he hid Toothless somewhere in the forest (who knows these people probably never even saw a dragon) she sees him sneaking out one day and decides to follow him she sees Toothless and immediately draws her bow and arrow (much in the way Astrid reacted in HTTYD) Hiccup intervenes and properly introduces them to each other though Toothless isn't too fond of the girl since the first thing she did to him was try to attack him and Merida just steps back; perplexed at a creature she never saw AND at the fact this scrawny looking guy can control it ... or something like that sdjkfdslk
1k once upon a time ouat Emma Swan OUAT Parallels ouatedit omg???????????????? like you cannot tell me this is a mere and simple coincidence because we see emma's reaction to all of these first graham she thinks he has taken the cup and she thinks he is flirting with her but she is new in town and ofc she has trust issues so she shuts him down then august he is new and emma is wearing the sheriff coat because she is there like emma the sheriff because august is suspicious then neal i mean she doesn't even turn up and then with killian she is just herself with her humanity and personality and her magic ahah i amso fucking done why was i given feels
but like imagine that. im agine ned the piemaker, getting so excited to eat dinner at hannibal’s because we KNOW ned is a fan of some fine cuisine and hannibal does his whole haha nothing is vegetarian shtick and ned digs in and the lil zap happens with the meat and he just
love TV James Franco 90's jason segel freaks and geeks Linda Cardellini 90's kid look how she looks at him
my stuff parks and recreation amy poehler leslie knope godddd she goes in to kiss him omg.