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vents Shelly arts blue kid don't know what to do with myself anymore cept just sit and cry maybe... that's all I can do remember who you aaarre
police Racism police brutality Korean American anti-asian
harry potter TBBT The Big Bang Theory sheldon cooper Jim Parsons Kaley Cuoco Big Bang Theory gifs1
vents i dunno what to do Shelly arts blue kid no happy endings this go around~ eeh...
pokemon team aqua team magma oras
Harry Styles hsgif cake wins 2/2 a special thank u to shelly kryptoniall ladyseashelly
Niall Horan bby nialland tastyedits kryptoniall dedicating this one to shelly cos she linked me to one of the vids bless its been a while since i edited lol ok bye
pokemon matt Hall of Fame i love them shelly archie team aqua pokemon ORAS ORAS spoilers
Racism tw: racism tw: genocide Shelly Smyth @Shelly_Smyth tw: racial slur anti-Obama
news breaking news Murder of Michael Brown Aftermath Live-Blog Police Brutality Against Black Americans: Rights Issues & Solutions Live-Blog African-American In America: Rights & Issues Live-Blog Black Women In America: Rights & Issues Live-Blog
pokemon courtney shelly oras magma admin courtney i love this pairing too!!! aqua admin shelly solroseart
Niall Horan bby queued so dumb tastyedits kryptoniall 9reasons hi shelly we hate niall remember slksjbg
My art team aqua aqua admin matt POKEMON ALPHA SAPPHIRE pokemon ORAS aqua admin shelly poor shelly tryn to do science or something neeeerd
Harajuku japanese street fashion flower crown Dolly & Molly Jeannie Nitro
art pokemon japanese Sketch matt shelly archie team aqua oras
1k Niall Horan bby tastyedits kryptoniall 4 shelly heh wow it's been a while lol
Racism gender black women Gender Equality Police Violence rekia boyd blacklivesmatter say her name black lives matter black women matter BlackWomenMatter Tanisha Anderson sayhername Shelly Frey Michelle Cusseaux Kayla Moore
*peridot walks up to a couple* so which one is the percy and which one is the pierre
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