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  • Benefits of being an international fan:
  • You:hey could you sign my albu-
  • Band member:oh my god it's you. You're that girl that has a blog about me and my bandmates. I stalk you most of the time whenever we have breaks during practices. I finally got to meet you in person ohmygod this is the best day of my life. I edit our selcas together so it would look like we're actually together. Wait i have it in my wallet. I hope you're not creeped out. It's just that i really like you and what i'm trying to say is that i love you please marry me.
  • You:wat
  • Band member:
  • You:
  • Band member:
  • You:
  • Band member:
  • ...
  • Onew:I hate people who say age is just a number...
  • Onew:Age is clearly a word.
HOT K-POP 2012
KPOP 2012 Mashup - DJ Masa 2NE1 - I Love YouBusker Busker - Cherry Blossom End...
  • Bias:*pulls me on stage*
  • Bias:What's your name?
  • Me:My wife.
  • Bias:Everyone! I would like you to meet My wife!
  • Me:
  • Bias:
  • His members:
  • Audience:
  • ...
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giveaway edit kpop Key onew shinee jonghyun taemin minho ;w;
gif Key shinee PMSL
f(x) lmao mygif snsd exo shinee sj i can't superjunior manager oppa dream girl the best cover ever exo's manager is just LMAO snsd's manager is so awkward lol and sj manager.... the face of the gp
kpop myedit Big Bang exo shinee 2ne1 girls generation rd
  • Minho:What would the opposite of: "Children in the dark make mistakes." be?
  • Onew:"Mistakes in the dark make children."
  • Minho:Get out.
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When people say my OTP isn't real.
  • American Fans:Can barely name all the members in One Direction
  • Kpop Fans:Can name all the members from at least 10 different groups, can identify them by voice, knows how old they are, knows each persons height in centimeters , and can identify what song was being promoted at that time by just looking at the hairstyle.
2012 kpop mega mashup the best thing you’ll ever listen to
onew shinee lee jinki mygif2 wonderful day the crying bag lol I want that ananas bag for this summer... I need to find one it's too cute
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