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Every time people start talking about how “some people can’t go vegan” I stop listening. We are very aware some people can’t go vegan, but we’re not talking to those people when we write these posts; we’re talking to you. If you genuinely can’t go vegan but you’re doing everything else in your...
Believe it or not "Bacon!" is an argument. It's just a really scary one. The argument is that if I e...
Veganism is not limiting. Meat-eaters think we only eat salads. Take away animal flesh and product...
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  • Raver:Ugh this line is long
  • Raver:Do you have any water
  • Raver:Oh shit that wasn't water
  • Raver:I smell weed
  • Raver:Where's the bathroom?
  • Raver:So we're out of water?
  • Raver:I don't feel it
  • Raver:Oh fuck it's kicking in
  • ...
"Stop forcing your beliefs on me!" whined the carnist as they ate the flesh of someone who was literally forced to die because of the carnist’s beliefs that they are entitled to others’ bodies
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Shit People Say To Salma Hayek
Women and Hollywood published this story on May 16th in which actor/producer Salma Hayek “dropped epic truth bombs for about an hour” about Hollywood’s gender problem:“The only two industries where women make more money than men is fashion and pornography and in those we are treated as sexual object...
Nonvegans who share cute pictures and videos of cows and pigs and chickens, marveling at how adorable they are…YOU LITERALLY PAY MONEY TO HAVE THOSE ANIMALS BRUTALLY SLAUGHTERED SO THAT YOU CAN EAT THEIR FLESH WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU
I think one of the reasons people hate vegans so much is because so long as we aren’t around, they aren’t really making a decision. In a group of meat eaters, no one is having to decide about whether or not to partake in eating flesh, it is the rule and the norm of the groups and involved no moral j...
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  • before a run:RUNNING FUCK NO
  • after a run:RUNNING FUCK YES
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everyone dies
  • Fitblr:Wow my food looks really good...where is my camera!?
  • Fitblr:Oh my god the world is over! We're out of peanut butter and oatmeal!
  • Fitblr:Why am I aways broke?....Omg is that a sale on sports bras and spandex!?
  • Fitblr:Okay who took the last Cliff bar?!
  • Fitblr:I'm bored..what time is it...1:30 am...time to go workout.
  • Fitblr:Noooooo my tea got cold!
  • Fitblr:It looks like a water bottle grave yard in my room
  • Fitblr:My pee still looks yellow.....brb guzzlin a gallon of water
  • ...
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if someone tells you your clothing style is gay, respond with: "yeah, it came out of the closet this morning."
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