• shoutout •
Shoutout to the actual nice people on tumblr. Positive vibes
shoutout to skinny people who
- don’t feel comfortable in their bodies - are frequently asked if they are anorexic/bulimic by friends/family/strangers - frequently have to accept and respond to “i wish i was as skinny as you” without knowing how - have eating disorders, including binging ones - are males that f...
shoutout to Bo Burnham
photography shoutout
twitter the words of a lost girl white girls do it better shoutout to Twitter one time shoutout to all of my black queens and my black kings just shoutout to all of my black people
Shoutout to mentally ill people who are dealing with side effects of psychiatric drugs. You are all strong and amazing and I hope that the bad symptoms will go away soon and your medication will have a good effect on your mental health and really help you in the long term. Also I love every single o...
shoutout to everyone out in the north east
the snow is going to destroy you all. nice knowing u
me illectra shoutout to auni's kitchen
P4A Rise Kujikawa p4au gordeau.gif shoutout to brilliantcataclysmrips
Shoutout to the Mayans xx
mine Yu Yu Hakusho shoutout to swords
funny true so true teen quotes relatable funny quotes shoutout
homestuck Skyrim shoutout to all my dragonborns...
Shoutout to the girls with amazing pussy who stay lowkey about it
shoutout to the people surprised that a white billionaire is a racist.
gif mine upload cars legend Texas Houston Slab slabs shoutout to wavymane for the vid
Shoutout to the females that compliment eachother, that jealousy shit is dead.
s/o to myself because I don't give myself enough credit
shoutout to myself for being a down ass bitch