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is it just me or does everyone at shield wear striped ties
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Agents of SHIELD
If you have been a fan of the show from the beginning, reblog this.
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Friendly Reminder to ALL S.H.I.E.L.D. Personnel:
Appropriate ways in which to cook Turkeys: An oven A slowcooker Inappropriate ways in which to cook Turkeys: A flamethrower Gamma radiation Napalm A roman candle A Pressure cooker Any form of Nuclear Energy "The Power of Love" Stars Stark’s repulsor blasts Johnny Storm Wade Wilson (especially ...
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Wait a minute. I’m the biggest Captain America fanboy ever, and you seriously thought I was HYDRA?
  • Fandom:Yes good we like this Coulson fellow.
  • Marvel:*Coulson dies*
  • Marvel:What?
  • Marvel:Aw, you really liked him that well? Gee, sorr--
  • ...
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Peggy Carter shows up for her first day as head of SHIELD. Her first task is to interview the roomful of men and women (but mostly men) who are waiting outside her new office. She can only hire a handful and she has to pick the best to ensure that SHIELD doesn’t get shut down (and to prove tha...
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