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So very thankful to serve a God who is patient with my struggles, gracious with my failures, and loving towards me always.
The reasons why women take so long in the shower
1. We have a lot of body parts that need shaving. 2. Conditioner needs time to soak in. 3. We use the warm water to heat up our ice-cold hearts. 4. Karaoke.
Tom Daley
  • me:that's not quite hot enough let me just turn it up to boiling lava.
  • me:yes good i shall bathe in the waters of mordor.
  • me:why do we have like 25 different kinds of shampoo?
  • me:i'ma read the back of this.
  • me:lather, rinse, repeat?
  • me:why do i have to repeat is your product so shitty it didn't work the first time?
  • me:hold the fuck up i have to write fanfic in my head real quick.
  • me:if water is a renewable resource does that mean every celebrity i've ever loved has showered in this same water before?
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When we wash at the dorm, we shower in threes, since there are 12 of us.
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a macaw showering. that is all. 
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Showering with the music on
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Luhan: Before I didn't like showering with other people, but recently we have no choice, and it's mo...
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“Bath time” for a sexy dude.
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