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after the members got the “wolf” question wrong, suho looked like he seriously wanted to quit the band i am pmsl
  • Hat:68,000 Won
  • Kai and Sehun:WHOAA TOO expensive. Let's go.
  • Hat:68,000 Won
  • Xiumin:I'll take two please
Hyunseung Yoseob beast b2st episode 3 nesrivaki beast showtime Showtime: Burning the Beast
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im so done kris called cola “black soda drink” 
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Doojoon Junhyung beast b2st 2jun nesrivaki beast showtime Showtime: Burning the Beast
Doojoon Junhyung Kikwang beast b2st lee kikwang gikwang yoon doojoon yong junhyung nesrivaki beast showtime Showtime: Burning the Beast
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tao Kris suho chanyeol hahahaha kris!!!! exo showtime