• shut up jenna •
pin up
:) mine BABY GIRL Tonight Alive I love you so much Jenna McDougall jennaplus
:') angel my gifset angel the series Cordelia Chase ANGEL PLS gifset:ats angel x cordelia ats edit MY FACE IS MY JOB but also shut up
~ matt smith jenna louise coleman
love disney UP true love carl and ellie Up movie
mine love of my life Tonight Alive Jenna McDougall jennaplus error uploading image i'm going to see that in my fucking sleep seriously
* edits max irons GQ australia hostedit by diba
Harry Styles twitter shut up
1k ~ THG mine[3] othergif Shut the fuck up thgedit otheredit thggif heheheheheeh the quote isn't from the book?? it's from the trailer??? if i get any fucking comments from the shits from this fandom going 'iT'S REMEMBER WHO THE ENEMY IS' i will fucking stab your heart i remember once i made a perks gif that said we are infinite instead of we were infinite and i got like 50 comments
gif * doctor who amy pond karen gillan matt smith Arthur Darvill Rory Williams edits dw the doctor Eleven doctor jenna-louise coleman oswin oswald clara oswald clara oswin oswald cap meme
gif 1k doctor who jenna louise coleman dwedit oswin oswald clara oswald the impossible meme
can we talk about how zayn wink at louis?????
matt smith edits stuff 2k idek why jenna louise coleman jenna coleman
* doctor who amy pond karen gillan matt smith Eleven jenna louise coleman oswin oswald clara oswald
1k my edits gifs matt smith sdcc awwwwwww san diego comic con jenna louise coleman jenna coleman
1k * mine jenna louise coleman dwedit jlcedit sdcc13 god can you get any more adorable
gif matt smith richard madden Zachary Levi jenna louise coleman sdcc 2013
Shut up! Soshite, dieeee!
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