• shut up harry •
Harry Styles tweet shut up
Ok but in french the sorting hat becomes le Choixpeau which is an excellent pun on choix (choice) and chapeau (hat) and I weep that this isn’t possible in English
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a gryffindor will die for you a slytherin will kill for you a ravenclaw will figure out a solution where no one dies a hufflepuff will be sitting next to you in the after life going “could have been worse”
Harry Styles 1D twitter tattoo Shut the fuck up ITS ON HIS COLLARBONE YELLIN
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gif Harry Styles tell me to shut up and then fuck me
wait hogwarts was established in the 10th century but sinks were not invented until the 18th century so how did salazar slytherin mark the chamber of secrets with a form of indoor plumbing which would not be invented for another 800 years  ?????
1k Harry Styles mine edit shut up this is cute
  • Harry:Hey guys I think I'm gonna make my own cake for my birthday this year
  • Harry:Because well...
  • Harry:You know...
  • Harry:I used to be a baker
  • Liam:✓ Read 5:47 PM
  • Zayn:✓ Read 5:49 PM
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  • Niall:✓ Read 5:58 PM
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"Your playing Nintendo games? those are for kids—"
Harry Styles
Harry Styles One Direction mine i know theres a bajillion of these shut up ur dumb foofy little girl hair
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