• shut up jenna •
person: omg what’s so amazing about spock he doesn’t even have feelings jim kirk: (crashes enterprise through building) jim kirk: (bursts open ship doors) jim kirk: i heard u were talkin shit bout my first officer jim kirk: double dumbass on you
leonard mccoy came out of the womb yelling at jim kirk
this is how the pon farr/sex talk should go in aos: spock: [quietly] i just want a matebones: YOU JUST WANT TO MATE?spock: I JUST WANT A MATEbones: YOU’RE NOT MATING WITH ME SUNSHINEspock: a mate. i want a mate.bones: WELL JUST AS WELL ‘CAUSE I’M NOT HAVING ANY OF THAT NONSENSE spo...
i bet EVERY SINGLE TIME spock contacted his mum during the five-year mission she’d ask like 2 questions about the mission and like 600 with another theme in mind: "so how is captain kirk doingy’knowjimthat lovely blond boy with the quite nice a—””yes mother i am aware a...
getting a tumblr was the worst decision of my academic life
** Kellin Quinn sleeping with sirens pierce the veil vic fuentes Tonight Alive Jenna McDougall this has probably been giffed to hell and back but shut up
pretty little liars hanna marin emily fields mine spencer hastings hannily jenna something not my gifs but I found it interesting to put together look how spencer turns her face looking like shes going to attack jenna
"Your playing Nintendo games? those are for kids—"
One Direction Zayn Malik bby Zayn shut up shut up shut up where we are
Shut Up Blink-182
doctor who dw spoilers mygif Twelve season 8 peter capaldi dwedit clara oswald jenna coleman S08E07 by char sorry it's so long but i think it was worth it!!
shut up Morrissey
when you open a new tab and can’t remember why
once we share an inside joke i will not stop reminding you of how funny it is until you regret ever meeting me
omg ok so today our teacher was making a presentation about scalene triangles and some student just yelled out “ah yes the scalene triangle”looks like i’ve found a new friend 
titanic shut up
I am legitimately concerned that I’m going to be quietly screaming through the majority of The Hobbit and everyone around me will just hate me
when did this ( ?° ?? ?°) become hotter than this? (´???`)