• shut up jenna •
When people have all these cool art styles and my art’s just
when people say that a girl would be much prettier if she was skinny
[looks you in the eyes, pats your knee sympathetically] i don’t care
psa to parents: if your kid is crying the number one thing that won’t make them stop is screaming in their faces for them to stop its guaranteed to make them cry more
do u ever just sit and worry about if ur internet friends complain about u to their real life friends
creating a character that you like but don’t know what to do with
the best fucking feeling is when you defeat a boss by accident when  you’re about to die 
can “go vote for romney” be an insult
can you imagine tumblr on the day of homestucks last update can you imagine mspa on homestucks last update can you imagine the internet on homestucks last  update
no you dont udnerstand like okay christmas feels weird and different this year and everybody’s all “oh its cause youre growing up” but its feeling like that for most of tumblr and people on tumblr have different ages, like some are 23 and some are 13 and it feels the exact same for...
tumblr users you want to be friends with but you only talk to them once and don’t know how to do it again more like
I think this photo of andrew hussie staring at a fruit bowl sums up my existence pretty well
the pain of hating someone tumblr worships
no one ever sends me asks on tmi tuesday
liking someone you have no chance with
Things I like to talk about  the shows I watch my favorite books philosophy the arts Reasons I don’t talk no one cares about any of that
you never know how many australians youre actually following until your whole dash is composed of original text posts depicting the end of australia
a door is just a vertical lid
if school taught everyone that rape is bad and racism is bad instead of teaching how to find the angle of a kite im pretty sure the world would be a safer place