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Sleeping Sickness
City and Colour  Bring Me Your Love (Special Limited Edition)
City and Colour - Sleeping Sickness
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Sleeping Sickness
City and Colour  Bring Me Your Love
Sleeping Sickness - City and Colour
And everything hurts, even parts I can’t see and scars that are years old.
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Random Sentence Memes (Sickness Edition)
“Have you seen you?”“You look terrible.”“When was the last time you ate?”“Are you sure you can handle that on your own?”“Do I look sick to you?”“Ugh, I think I’m going to be sick.”“Are you sure that was supposed to m...
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I think there is something broken inside of me that no amount of medication or love can heal. Please stop trying to fix me.
Du bist nicht dumm. Du bist verliebt. Und das ist noch viel schlimmer, denn dumm sein tut nicht weh.
I think recovery is that promise that you could go back if you really wanted to. It is the dirty secret in a locked cupboard. It is the extr...
Sickness is not so cute and quirky when you’re in your twenties. You’re too busy dying to live. You’re a burden on your pa...
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The funny thing is self hatred is taught.