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yo, tumblr has corrected the issue that occurred when they changed the photo & photoset width to 540px: images that are 540px no longer resize to 500px then get enlarged to 540px on the dash 540px images now display at 540px perfectly!! this goes for photosets at 2 x 268px, 3 x 177px width etc  ...
mine pictures city toronto y vft6
LA performing 5sos 5 seconds of summer luke hemmings <3 <3 11152014 forum1
the vampire diaries damon salvatore sexy 5k mygif[3] delena gif tvdedit 607 delenaedit delena stan club
my photos igohere
my gifs Jensen Ackles :3 Misha Collins i'm bored shitty quality cockles uwu i don't know why i did this :'((( my cockles gifs
twitter Rooster Teeth Achievement Hunter Jack Pattillo caiti ward RooserTeeth
arrow arsenal colton haynes roy harper oliver queen Stephen Amell arrow spoilers arrow season 3 This bromance fits well with this show Finally called Arsenal
Favorite thing to hear when I drag my ass out of bed at 3 am for work: Caitlin, there's no one in th...
Grunge eye <3 green eye Bright eye
cute :3 animales
Mike Brown was murdered 3 months ago.
Darren Wilson is still free and still on paid administrative leave.  3 MONTHS and people are still calling for the arrest of Darren Wilson. #JusticeForMikeBrown
Fanart beatrice greg over the garden wall wirt
homestuck Jade Harley Rose Lalonde My art My Design jaderose Rosejade
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