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Friars and Sisters are Basically Superheroes
They have distinctive and often colorful uniforms Some of them wear capes They take new names They stand for Truth and Justice They fight evil And they’re always helping people
Angelica: You are absolutely the most disgusting man I have ever heard of.Burr: 
Honestly Latinas are so incredibly important. Brown Latinas, Black Latinas, First Generation in the USA Latinas, Latinas who have to translate everything for their parents, fat Latinas, disabled Latinas, Latinas who were only ever told to speak English so they might fit in better, trans Latinas, all...
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sisters SoloCandid2012
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I’ve been on the internet for 19 years, since I was 15 years old.  I find it HILARIOUS that the teenagers think they discovered the net and it’s only for them and that it’s weird that adults use it too.  I mean, when i first got on the net there were grown ass men and women in the ...
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